Horror Show Hot Dog

Ep. 260: Single Sort Dude Recycling

January 8, 2018

They weren't the greatest movies this week, but we did have fun talking about them. The Corpse of Anna Fritz was the strongest by far, a mean motor scooter of a revenge flick that overcomes a trope-y setup to be fun. Lake Bodom, on the other hand, took at least one twist too many and left most of us feeling cheated. And Sharknado 5 is the shark that broke Josh's dorsal fin.

Next week: It's all Netflixy up in here! We're watching:

The Vault

Before I Wake

Boys in the Trees

Our short is Cheswick, which can be found on Shudder as part of the Nitehawk Shorts Festival collection (it's the last one before the end credits).

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