Horror Show Hot Dog

Ep. 236: The Argento Tickle

June 30, 2017

It's a mediocre movie week for the HSHD team. Thankfully, we were just loopy enough to deliver a fun show. Curtains is an Argento-light tone poem (or poim, as Josh says) that ultimately doesn't fit together very well. Jack Frost 2 scares up a few laughs despite being shot and lit like a Saved by the Bell parody porno. Dark Water is the best of the week, but Matt and Josh both found it a little too plodding to deliver the goods.

Next week: A potpourri of old and new, foreign and domestic! We're watching:

Tag (Netflix)

Motel Hell (Amazon)

Lake Mungo (Shudder & Amazon)

Our short is The Birch. Watch along with us if you like, and we'll chat at you next week!


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