Horror Show Hot Dog

Ep. 235: You Can’t Swing a Dead Cat in Here without Hitting a Dead Cat

June 14, 2017

This week, we're discussing new horror flicks that have gotten a lot of attention in the genre. Split features an amazing performance from James MacAvoy, but can't quite overcome some silly plot choices (including one morally reprehensible one). Raw fascinates Josh and Charlie, but leaves Matt feeling a bit peckish. Hell House LLC provides some genuine scares--hard to do for folks who have seen nearly 500 horror movies in the past year. But is the found footage thing too overplayed?

Next week! Each one pick one from Charlie's weird-ass list of stuff on Amazon Prime.

Josh's pick: Curtains, based entirely on that poster

Charlie's pick: Dark Water, the original Japanese version

Matt's pick: Jack Frost 2, because he wants us all to suffer

Our short is Daisy. Watch along if you'd like and we'll see you next time.

Note that Josh is moving to a new house this week/weekend, so we may have another Very Special Episode before the three of us convene again.

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