Horror Show Hot Dog

Ep. 214: Monkey Monkey Haywire Monkey

January 4, 2017

Our grab bag of movies this week hit your intrepid hosts in very different ways. We all agreed The Autopsy of Jane Doe was excellent, but the science ghosts of Spectral and Link the orangutan who identifies as a chimpanzee thrilled Matt & Charlie more than Josh. 

Next week! All aboard for a train-themed trilogy. We'll be watching: 

  • Train to Busan: Korean zombies on a train (Amazon VOD)
  • Terror Train: Jamie Lee Curtis and a slasher! (streaming, wink wink)
  • Night Trian to Terror: God and Satan on a train narrating an anthology! (Shudder)

Our short this week is Luna. Enjoy the show and we'll talk at you next week.

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