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Ep. 424: TikTok TicTac Tactics

Ep. 424: TikTok TicTac Tactics

December 19, 2021

This week we dig on The Advent Calendar and Seance on a Wet Afternoon. We also have respect for Silent Night, but aren't sure exactly what it's getting at.

Given our travel and other stuff plans for the holidays, this will be the last show of 2021. Enjoy and we'll get back atcha in the new year, when we'll review:

Coming Home in the Dark(Netflix)

Exam (Prime)

Hosts (Shudder)

Watch along and we'll see you in 2022.

Ep. 423: Half Pizza‘s Sake

Ep. 423: Half Pizza‘s Sake

December 9, 2021

This week we snooze through Strings, yawn at Haunt, and one of us reallly likes Prisoners of the Ghostland. Hint: Rhymes with "Barley."

Next week we're watching:

Silent Night (Amazon-AMC)

Advent Calendar (Shudder)

Seance on a Wet Afternoon (HBO Max)

Our short is The Rickety Man. Watch along and we'll chat soon.

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