Ep. 287: H.R. Giger’s Truck Nuts

July 28, 2018

We watched the first three Wrong Turn movies this week, and found some eerie parallels to the Alien franchise. The first one is moody and a little scary. The second is a rollicking good time with more heroes, more villains, and bigger set pieces. The third involves prisoners and is kind of a bummer. 

Next week: Charlie's theme of "off-ness." We're watching:

Valentine (Amazon)

Amazing Mr. X (Prime)

Fade to Black (Prime)

Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!

Ep. 286: Corn Makes Noise

July 22, 2018

We've got opinions this week! Not necessarily on all of the movies, but we definitely have lots of opinions. If you like tangents, you're gonna love it. Somewhere in there we agree that A Quiet Place is dope if you choose not to nitpick, pretty much concede the Birds doesn't hold up, and are mildly charmed by the nifty but overlong Goal of the Dead.

Next Week: Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do! We're watching:

Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn 2

Wrong Turn 3

Our short is The Copy-Writer.

Watch along and we'll chat with you soon.

Ep. 285: This Werewolf Angle

July 15, 2018

It's weirdo families all around this week! We love the "Rear Window Played for Laughs" audacity of The Burbs, are split on Parents' 50s satire (even on whether or not it was satire), and agree that Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is more of a "happening" than a movie.

Next week, each one picks one!

Matt picks The Birds

Charlie picks Goal of the Dead

Josh picks A Quiet Place

Watch along and we'll chat atcha next time.

Ep. 284: Trump Marble Barf

July 9, 2018

The planets aligned this episode, as we found one of those rare movies we all absolutely loved. Liza the Fox Fairy is an ice cream sundae of a movie, weird and wonderful. 1408 also holds up admirably (especially if you see the right ending). Sadly, the Damned is an interesting idea with a mostly uninteresting execution.

Next week: Cannibals and Killer Neighbors! We're watching:

The Burbs 


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation

Watch along and we'll catch you soon!

Ep. 283: Couch Rich & Ottoman Poor

July 2, 2018

This week's movies are mostly phoning it in, but we give it all we've got. We agree that When A Stranger Calls contains 2 amazing horror shorts. Phone is extremely baffling and Don't Hang Up is extremely unpleasant. Also featuring discussion about how the kids these days don't know what a dial tone is.

Next week: It's a g-g-ghost! We're watching...

Liza the Fox Fairy (Amazon Prime)

The Damned (Netflix)

1408 (Amazon Rental)

Watch along and we'll chat atcha next time.