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Ep. 252: The Big Adult Show

Ep. 252: The Big Adult Show

October 19, 2017

There's plenty to discuss-and gently disagree about-in this week's roundup of brand spankin' new flicks. McG's The Babysitter tickles Josh and Matt's funnybone, but hits Charlie right in the angrybone. Matt and Josh aren't super impressed with Super Dark Times, but Charlie loves it. At least we can all agree that Seoul Station is... an animated zombie movie.

Next week: Found Footage! We're watching:

Found Footage 3D (Shudder)

Grave Encounters (Amazon, Shudder)

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer (Amazon Prime)

Our short is The Fisherman. Watch along with us and we'll chat at you soon!

Also! Twin Cities Horror Fest is NEXT FREAKIN' WEEK! Get your short film fest tickets now.

Ep. 251: The Ghostly Sudoku Hand

Ep. 251: The Ghostly Sudoku Hand

October 16, 2017

It's all late-franchise sequels this week, a masochistic exercise to be sure. But it coulda been worse. Rings is a retread of The Ring with a few good scares (and a great Vincent D'onofrio). Phantasm: Ravager is an incoherent, messy labor of love - what else do you expect from that franchise? And Cult of Chucky surprised at least a couple of us with the groove it found, bringing some new energy with less of the silliness of Bride and Seed.

Next week: More new stuff! We're watching:

Seoul Station (Shudder)

The Babysitter (Netflix)

Super Dark Times (Amazon)

Our short is Phantom. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!

Ep. 250: The Wolf that Eats Like a Meal

Ep. 250: The Wolf that Eats Like a Meal

October 5, 2017

It's a decade-spanning week of lowered expectations here at Horror Show Hot Dog. Gerald's Game is good -- but it's not the mind-blowing greatness we were expecting. The Wolfman is the shortest and least fleshed-out of the old Universal monster movies, but it's fun enough. Dead Awake is....pretty damn bad.

Next week: Late-Franchise Sequels, because we're masochists!

We're watching:

Cult of Chucky (Amazon)

Phantasm: Ravager (Shudder)

Rings (Redbox, Amazon)


Our short for next week is Black Goat. Watch along and we'll see you next time!


Oo, also, TWIN CITIES HORROR FESTIVAL! We're once again presenting five nights of horror short films, a different lineup each night. And there are 11 other amazing shows from far more talented people than we are. Get tickets now!

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