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Ep. 217: Deep Pop-Tart Feels

Ep. 217: Deep Pop-Tart Feels

January 26, 2017

It's an incredibly mixed bag of freshly-minted indie horror this week. Monster delivers some of the goods, the central mystery in Creep is how it keeps showing up on best-of lists, and Lights Out does less in 90 minutes than its source material did in 3. Our short, Dead But Not Buried, was charming if a little slight.

Next week! It's a requiem for some damn fine character actors:

Miguel Ferrer in Night Flier (YouTube, er, your local video store)

George Kennedy in Uninvited (Shudder)

Robert Loggia in Innocent Blood (Amazon)

Our short will be The Captured Bird.

Watch along with us and we'll see you next week!

Ep. 216: Thunderous Unspoken Bitch

Ep. 216: Thunderous Unspoken Bitch

January 20, 2017

We had a mixed bag with our shiny new horror this week. Under the Shadows got high marks from two of us, but Matt threw some shade at it. Matt and Charlie were charmed by I Am Not a Serial Killer, but it failed to slay Josh. At least we can all agree Neon Demon was an unholy (if beautiful to look at) mess. 

Our short was Popcorn, and it was a little undercooked.

Next week! We're hitting up another round of new and notable stuff. We're checking out:Creep, The Monster, and Lights Out. Our short is Dead Not Buried

Ep. 215: The Meth of Death Highs

Ep. 215: The Meth of Death Highs

January 12, 2017

All ABOOOOOAAAARD! It's Train Week this week. Why? Because, y'know, why should sharks have all the fun?

This week we discuss the bonkers anthology Night Train to Terror, the Jamie Lee Curtis/David Copperfield joint Terror Train, and the awesome Korean zombie flick Train to Busan. 

We also giggle a lot and go on weird tangents because we were all exhausted. Enjoy!

Next week! A Netflix Week! We're watching I Am Not a Serial Killer, Under the Shadow, and Neon Demon.


Ep. 214: Monkey Monkey Haywire Monkey

Ep. 214: Monkey Monkey Haywire Monkey

January 4, 2017

Our grab bag of movies this week hit your intrepid hosts in very different ways. We all agreed The Autopsy of Jane Doe was excellent, but the science ghosts of Spectral and Link the orangutan who identifies as a chimpanzee thrilled Matt & Charlie more than Josh. 

Next week! All aboard for a train-themed trilogy. We'll be watching: 

  • Train to Busan: Korean zombies on a train (Amazon VOD)
  • Terror Train: Jamie Lee Curtis and a slasher! (streaming, wink wink)
  • Night Trian to Terror: God and Satan on a train narrating an anthology! (Shudder)

Our short this week is Luna. Enjoy the show and we'll talk at you next week.

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