Ep 274: The Paul Rises!

April 26, 2018

It's love (and in some cases indifference) in an elevator this week as we dig the 90s weirdness of The Tower, enjoy the bonkers 80s weirdness of 2001's Down (also known as Shaft, can you dig it?), and find the bland Elevator kinda okay.

Next week: Each one pick one! 

Josh picks 1922 (Netflix)

Matt picks Saturday Morning Mystery (Amazon)

Charlie picks Of Unknown Origin (Amazon)

Our short is Nope. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!


Ep. 273: Crunchy Crunchy No Crunchy

April 20, 2018

It's a wild ride this week, as we celebrate the indie spookiness of Pyewacket, dig the weird 80sness of First Power, and have widely varying opinions on the jet-black nihilism of Mon Mon Mon Monsters.

Next Week: Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down? OH NO LET'S GO! 

We're watching:

Down (Amazon)

The Tower 1993 (YouTube)

Elevator (Amazon)

Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!


Ep. 272: Poodle Perm Danny Trejo

April 6, 2018

There's lot to like and lots to ponder this week! Wishmaster 2 is almost as nutty and fun as the first one, and Crimson Peak is gorgeous and overwrought enough to charm at least 2/3rds of us. And we all agree that Open House needed to pick a subgenre and stick with it.

Next week: Things Charlie picked! We're watching:

Pyewacket (Amazon)

Mon Mon Monsters (Shudder)

The First Power (Youtube)

Our short is Rot. Watch along and we'll chat atcha next time!


Ep. 271: Freebasing off of the Tickle Me Elmo

March 30, 2018

It's a different kind of week this week! Matt loves Rosalind Leigh, while Josh isn't convinced it even qualifies as a movie. Charlie and Josh dig the somber rural thing that is Stake Land 2, but Matt is bored. At least we all agree the Uninvited is a lovely bit of 1940s silliness.

Next week: A Hodge! And a Podge! We're watching:

Crimson Peak (Amazon)

The Open House (Netflix)

Wishmaster 2 (Shudder)

Our short is (Grime Artist a Visit from) the Tickle Monster.


Ep. 270: Derpface Chinatown

March 22, 2018

This week we all agree that Cure for Wellness is an okay movie with frustrating glimpses of awesomeness, and that Cold Hell is an awesome movie with some frustrating pacing. We split on Mom and Dad, with Charlie reveling in cheesy glee, Josh pretty much digging it, and Matt nitpicking the everloving hell out of it. There may be some raised voices, but it's all in good fun.

Next week: Potpourri! We're watching:

Stakeland 2: The Stakelander (Netflix)

The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (Amazon)

The Uninvited (Amazon)



Ep. 269: 6 to 5 on Stinky Jones

March 16, 2018

Hoo boy, did we record late this week. Thankfully, that leads to the kind of loopy, tangential podcast the kids seem to enjoy. We have some split decisions this week -- partly because we watched two different movies called Dead Inside and released in 2011. But we did enjoy parts of Dead Body and parts of Day of the Dead: Bloodline -- even though we're not sure why the latter exists and what its deal is.

Next week: Each one pick one!

We're watching:

Mom and Dad (Amazon)

A Cure for Wellness (cinemax, Vudu)

Cold Hell (Shudder)

Watch along and we'll chat atcha next week!


Ep. 268: Ethelfraum Bumbleschmitz

March 9, 2018

It's a wild ride with some mild movies this week! Veronica is flawed but compelling, even moreso if you don't listen to the hype about how it will scare your spleen straight outta your body. Leprechaun raises many questions, like, "why do rainbows only have three colors?" and "how did this get 6 sequels?" But Night of the Comet is a genuine overlooked gem of an 80s flick.

Next week: Dead! We're watching

Dead Inside (also known as The Evil Inside) [Amazon, Random Weird Private Roku Channel]

Dead Body [Amazon Prime]

Day of the Dead: Bloodline [Amazon, Redbox]

Our short is Blackout. Watch along and we'll chat atcha next time!


Ep. 267: Space Jai Alai

March 2, 2018

We're rounding up Women in Horror this month with three female-directed movies of wildly varying quality! Our opinions on Trouble Every Day range from "barely a movie at all" to "a painful personal attack." But we're pleasantly surprised by The Bye Bye Man and Surveillance.

Next week: Things! We're watching:

Veronica (Netflix)

Night of the Comet (Amazon)

Leprechaun (Amazon)

Our short is Knock So Scary. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!





Ep. 266: A Gateway Vitamin

February 24, 2018

It's all cults and cultists on this episode! We heartily dig the Lovecraft-via-Asgard The Ritual, appreciate The Shrine's practical effects, and also we watched Believers. Josh watched two different Believers, in fact, and was unimpressed by both!

Next week: We're wrapping up Women in Horror Month! We're watching:

Trouble Every Day (Amazon Prime)

Surveillance (Shudder)

The Bye Bye Man (Amazon, YouTube, Google Play)

Our short is Your Date Is Here. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!


Ep. 265: Gasmask Balaclava

February 19, 2018

There's not much consensus this week, but fortunately we've all learned how to disagree without arguing -- and that's the true meaning of Christmas. Charlie and Matt were pretty sold on Tragedy Girls, but Josh wasn't buying it. And Josh loved Under the Skin, while the other gents didn't dig the pacing and ambiguity. At least we can all agree that Hard Candy is absolutely boss.

Next week: Vaguely religious stuff!

The Ritual (Netflix)

Believers  (1987) (Amazon)

The Shrine (Shudder on Amazon)

Our short is Where Is It. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.