Ep. 283: Couch Rich & Ottoman Poor

July 2, 2018

This week's movies are mostly phoning it in, but we give it all we've got. We agree that When A Stranger Calls contains 2 amazing horror shorts. Phone is extremely baffling and Don't Hang Up is extremely unpleasant. Also featuring discussion about how the kids these days don't know what a dial tone is.

Next week: It's a g-g-ghost! We're watching...

Liza the Fox Fairy (Amazon Prime)

The Damned (Netflix)

1408 (Amazon Rental)

Watch along and we'll chat atcha next time.


Ep. 282: A Bag of Dave

June 26, 2018

This week, Megan fills in for a vacationing Josh to discuss Savageland, No One Lives, and The Fury.

Next week: We're phoning it in, HAHAHA.


When a Stranger Calls (1979)

Don't Hang Up


Ep. 281: Love Shack Moment

June 25, 2018

The big story this week is Hereditary. Is it "the scariest thing EVER?" Does that really matter? We go deep into what makes a horror movie good. Then Charlie and Josh geek out over the underrated Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and also discuss 80s slasher Night School.

Next Week: Charlie, Matt and Megan get their ya-ya's out! We're watching:

No One Lives

The Fury



Watch along and we'll chat atcha next time!


Ep. 280: Hire Olga

June 8, 2018

It's a lovefest this week as we dig Annihilation, are charmed by Cat's Eye, and have a blast with the silliness of Deep Rising.

Next Week: Hereditary in theaters!

Join us Sunday, June 10th, for Hereditary, the most talked-about horror movie of the year! 

We're backing it up with a couple of lighter flicks:

Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (Amazon)

Night School (shudder)

Watch along and we'll chat at you soon!


Ep. 279: Glue-Huffing Dump Rats

June 2, 2018

It's a wild and weird week! Demon Wind is a tone poem of 80s strangeness. Birdboy: The Forgotten Children is the bleakest, darkest movie about adorable cartoon animals that we've ever seen. Cargo is a beautifully shot and acted film that loses some of its punch if you've already seen the short it's based on.

Next week: Each one pick one! 

Josh Picks: Cat's Eye (Shudder)

Matt Picks: Annihilation (Amazon)

Charlie Picks: Deep Rising (Amazon Prime)

Our short is The Mime. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.


Ep. 278: Tapioca, Spaghetti & Hope

May 27, 2018

It's a "meh" week for Matt, but Charlie and Josh get plenty of enjoyment out of Revenge and Fright Night 2. Downrange takes a shot (heh), but doesn't quite gel into something groovy.

Next week: Stuff! We're watching:

Demon Wind (Amazon Prime)

Birdboy: The Forgotten Children (Amazon Prime)

Cargo (Netflix)

Our short is Basement Bags. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.


Ep. 277: Battle Angel Tila Tequila

May 21, 2018

This week, we have a set of films that are flawed and interesting in various degrees. Marrowbone's more on the interesting side, with some greatness covering some pretty substantial problems. Berberian Sound Studio mostly squanders a really groovy premise. And The Monster Project has an amazing setup and a few great scenes, but it's not easy to watch.

Next week: Two heavy thrillers and a palate cleanser! We're watching:

Revenge (Amazon)

Downrange (Shudder)

Fright Night 2 (It's out there...)

Our short is There's a Man in the Woods. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!


Ep. 276: A.F.L.W.K.A.L.O.P.

May 11, 2018

It's a spooooky episode this week! Also, apparently a cursed one. A power outage ate Josh's audio stream, and he had to recreate it. So you may hear a few seconds of silence a couple of times, but for the most part it's good. We all enjoyed Ghostwatch and Ghost Stories this week. Ghost Stories pulled off the feat of using Josh's least favorite twist ending and still being good!

Next week: Potpourri of Recent Stuff!

We're watching:

The Monster Project (Amazon Prime)

Marrowbone (Amazon Rental)

Berberian Sound Studio (Shudder)

Watch along with us and we'll catch you soon.


Ep. 275: Surgery Is a Two-Way Street

May 4, 2018

This week, we enjoy the Robocop Vs. Rat movie Of Unknown Origin, are mostly into Saturday Morning Mystery, and find 1922 pretty solid, too. It's a short episode, but we have fun, and you will too.

Next week! We're having an outing!

We are watching Ghost Stories at the Landmark Lagoon Sunday, May 6th at 7:20 pm. 

To round out the week, we're adding Ghostwatch on Shudder.

Our short is Child Eater. Watch along if you'd like and we'll see you next time!


Ep 274: The Paul Rises!

April 26, 2018

It's love (and in some cases indifference) in an elevator this week as we dig the 90s weirdness of The Tower, enjoy the bonkers 80s weirdness of 2001's Down (also known as Shaft, can you dig it?), and find the bland Elevator kinda okay.

Next week: Each one pick one! 

Josh picks 1922 (Netflix)

Matt picks Saturday Morning Mystery (Amazon)

Charlie picks Of Unknown Origin (Amazon)

Our short is Nope. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!