Ep. 240: Unused Winnebagos in a Hallway

July 27, 2017

This week, we celebrate the legendary George Romero, examining the movies that created the modern zombie flick. Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead are three radically different movies, and it's fascinating to see how Romero's ideas evolve over this first trilogy. We all agree these are great films, and we dug getting deep into what they had to say and what they mean to horror fans. 

Next week: Movies we kinda wanna watch! We're hitting up James Gunn's The Belko Experiment, 90s Nightmare on Elm Street knockoff Brainscan, and bonkers 70s flick Cathy's Curse.

The Belko Experiment (Amazon)

Brainscan (Amazon)

Cathy's Curse (Shudder)

Our short this week is Rest. Thanks to Hot Doggie Benjamin Erwin for suggesting it!


Ep. 239: Vampire Charade Chicanery

July 21, 2017

Feel the chill of winter in the dog days of summer with this week's podcast! We cover Alaskan vampires in 30 Days of Night, haunted highways in Wind Chill, and flesh-munching climate-change bugs in The Thaw. Does wind chill really matter if you're in a car? Why do creatures capable of speech still do the monster roar? And what has Val Kilmer been eating? All will be revealed. 

Next week, we're paying tribute to the godfather of zombie movies, George Romero (RIP...for NOW). We're hitting up the trilogy of movies that made him a horror icon and a household name:

Night of the Living Dead (Shudder, Youtube)

Dawn of the Dead (Amazon)

Day of the Dead (Amazon, Vudu)

Our short is The Jigsaw. Watch along with us and we'll be back next week!


Ep. 238: Dude Sashimi

July 13, 2017

It's a mixed bag of horror-adjacent films this week: Few scares, but plenty of genre weirdness. Matt and Charlie were into the laid-back weirdo vibe of Bad Batch, but Josh found it a little too indie-precious. Delicatessen delights all three of us, and we all dug the political allegory (and gonzo car chases) of Dead End Drive-In.

Next week: We're beating the heat with a trio of chilly, blood-chilling flicks. We're watching:

Wind Chill (Amazon, Starz)

30 Days of Night (Amazon)

The Thaw (Amazon)

Our short is Blinky.

Watch along with us and we'll chat at you next week!


Ep. 237: Suckerpunch Levels of Schrodinger’s Cake

July 5, 2017

This week we have a grand old time discussing three very strange movies, as well as some lengthy diversions into bullying, Microsoft Office puns, and more. Megan sits in for Matt, since his slack ass didn't finish Motel Hell, and we mostly agree it's a fun and bizarre cult classic. Tag gets us talking about fate, feminism, and the ethics of schoolgirl underwear (less skeevy than it sounds). And Lake Mungo hits Charlie square in the terror zone, but leaves Matt and Josh a little cold. 

Next week! Post-apocalyptic fun and/or games! We're watching:

The Bad Batch (Amazon)

Delicatessen (Amazon)

Dead End Drive-In (Shudder)

Our short is Delicacy. Watch along if you like and we'll talk at you next week!


Ep. 236: The Argento Tickle

June 30, 2017

It's a mediocre movie week for the HSHD team. Thankfully, we were just loopy enough to deliver a fun show. Curtains is an Argento-light tone poem (or poim, as Josh says) that ultimately doesn't fit together very well. Jack Frost 2 scares up a few laughs despite being shot and lit like a Saved by the Bell parody porno. Dark Water is the best of the week, but Matt and Josh both found it a little too plodding to deliver the goods.

Next week: A potpourri of old and new, foreign and domestic! We're watching:

Tag (Netflix)

Motel Hell (Amazon)

Lake Mungo (Shudder & Amazon)

Our short is The Birch. Watch along with us if you like, and we'll chat at you next week!



HSHD Special Edition: Father’s Day

June 21, 2017

Josh was busy this week moving to a new house (and waiting for the cable company to hook up the Internet, dammit), so Megan and Matt pick up the slack with this Father's Day themed special edition. 

Join us next week for our delayed review of:


Dark Water

Jack Frost 2 (all on Amazon Prime)

And our short, Daisy. Watch along if you'd like and we'll see you next week!


Ep. 235: You Can’t Swing a Dead Cat in Here without Hitting a Dead Cat

June 14, 2017

This week, we're discussing new horror flicks that have gotten a lot of attention in the genre. Split features an amazing performance from James MacAvoy, but can't quite overcome some silly plot choices (including one morally reprehensible one). Raw fascinates Josh and Charlie, but leaves Matt feeling a bit peckish. Hell House LLC provides some genuine scares--hard to do for folks who have seen nearly 500 horror movies in the past year. But is the found footage thing too overplayed?

Next week! Each one pick one from Charlie's weird-ass list of stuff on Amazon Prime.

Josh's pick: Curtains, based entirely on that poster

Charlie's pick: Dark Water, the original Japanese version

Matt's pick: Jack Frost 2, because he wants us all to suffer

Our short is Daisy. Watch along if you'd like and we'll see you next time.

Note that Josh is moving to a new house this week/weekend, so we may have another Very Special Episode before the three of us convene again.


Ep. 234: She’s Trying to Leave, Grab the Shop Vac!

June 8, 2017

Josh is unexpectedly out this week (don't worry, everything's cool), but Megan stepped in because she is awesome. And these were Megan's picks to begin with, so she ought to have to defend them. We review Pandorum, Conspiracy, and The Mad, along with our short, Mildred.

Next week: New stuff! We're watching:

Split (Amazon)

Raw (Amazon)

Hell House, LLC (Amazon Prime)

Watch along with us and we'll catch you next week.


Ep. 233: Don’t Be a Tree

June 2, 2017

This week we celebrate the stars of American Gods by watching the good-to-mediocre movies they star in! Willard is a big hit with Matt and Josh, Tales from the Hood tickles Josh and Charlie, and we all agree that Uninvited is, well, not coming to our next shindig.

Next week! HSHD's Megan picks a potpourri of flicks:

Pandorum (Starz, Amazon)

The Conspiracy (Amazon)

The Mad (Amazon Prime)

Our short for the week is Mildred. Watch along with us and we'll see you next week!


Ep. 232: Temporarily Inconveniencing a Gila Monster

May 26, 2017

It's a Netflix kinda week this week! Also a "not great movie" kinda week. We find some joy in the drag-racing ghost story The Wraith. The Eyes of My Mother is too artsy and not enough fartsy for Matt and Josh. Beyond the Gates is largely a waste of a stellar cast. But the short was good! And we have a lively discussion of all these weird flicks.

Next week! Actors from American Gods! We're watching:

Tales from the Hood (with Corbin Bernsen, Amazon)

Willard (with Crispin Glover, Amazon or Xfinity)

The Uninvited (with Emily Browning, Amazon)

Our short for this week is Other Lily.

Watch along with us if you like and we'll see you next week!