Ep. 305: Santa Mime Ghost

December 27, 2018

A belated Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year! We are baffled by Christmas Presence, intrigued by the ultimately half-baked Pooka, and Visions of Sugarplums gives us an 80s cheese fix.

Next week: Charlie is away, so we're watching movies he hated!

Antisocial (Amazon Prime)

Ghost Team One (Amazon Rental)

We Are the Flesh (Shudder)

Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.

Ep. 304: The Deadpool of 80s Werewolf Movies

December 17, 2018

It's a mixed bag of mixedness this week! Twitter-originated-meta-horror-comedy You Might Be the Killer charms two of us, Madman bores two of us, and we all enjoy the lunacy (ha ha!) of 90s werewolf thingy Bad Moon.

Next week: Halls will be decked! We're watching:

Pooka (Hulu)

Christmas Presence (Shudder)

Visions of Sugar Plums (YouTube)

Our short is also called Christmas Presence. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.

Ep. 303: The Saddest Breakfast Nook

December 7, 2018

It's another wildly varied bunch this week! Mandy disappointed all of us to varying degrees, Lifeforce is the bugnutty space vampire movie we need right now, and All the Creatures Were Stirring earns its indie bona fides.

Next week we're watching:

Madman (Shudder)

Bad Moon (Amazon Prime)

You Might Be the Killer (Shudder)


Our short is Snap. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!

Ep.. 302: Potentially a Ska Band

December 2, 2018

This is one of those fascinating episodes where weird digressions and serious conversations intertwine. We each had a different fave this week: Josh loved Cam, Matt was into Ghoul, and Charlie dug on Madhouse.

Next week: Further adventures in weird! We're watching:

Mandy (Shudder)

All the Creatures Were Stirring (Redbox)

Lifeforce (Vudu)

Our short is Absence. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.

Ep. 301: Venus Tire Trap

November 29, 2018

Instead of doing the show this week, Josh went to the ER and got drugs that knocked him out for a full day (he's fine now). But Matt and Charlie hold it down as we discuss a bizarre but entertaining group of flicks: Stuart Gordon's lost masterpiece Dolls, thriller Dead of Winter, and superfluous sequel Strangers: Prey at Night.

Next week: More variety! More weird! We're watching:

Cam (Netflix)

The Ghoul (Amazon Prime)

Madhouse 1981 (Amazon Prime)

Our short is Tik-Tik. Watch along and we'll chat soon!

Ep. 300: Jacked Up Summer Camp

November 8, 2018

Fans of the Odometer Effect rejoice: It's our THREE HUNDREDTH episode! That means we've watched at least 900 movies over the past 6 years. Why do we do it? Uh, we'll get back to you on that one.

This week we loved Errementari, were seriously underwhelmed by Slice, and found Malevolent to be, at best, slightly ill-tempered.

Next week: Amazon Prime! We're watching:

Dolls (finally!)

The Strangers: Prey at Night

Dead of Winter

Our short is Liebe. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!

Ep. 299: IKEA Instructions of Emotionality

November 5, 2018

Thanks for your patience as we wrap up Twin Cities Horror Fest! This week we found some real gems: Apostle is an imaginative and suspenseful period piece, and Witch in the Window is everything indie horror ought to be. Even Jigsaw breathes some new life into an old franchise.

Next week: Free stuff!

Slice (Amazon Prime)

Malevolent (Netflix)

Errementari (Netflix)

Our short is Scratch My Back. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!

Ep. 298: Lamprey in a People Suit

October 20, 2018

Thrills and chills to be had in this week's episode! MARVEL at the psychadelic scientology-meets-Exorcist The Visitor! SHIVER at the X-Files-Meets-Conjuring weirdness of Terrified! SQUIRM as three white guys try to figure out how they should talk about Tales from the Hood 2! 

Next week: More new stuff! We're watching

Our short is The Devil's Passenger. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.

Ep. 297: Ferret in a Bag

October 17, 2018

This week it's all manic Satanic panic, as we enjoy The Blood on Satan's Claw, are chilled by Satan's Slaves, and are mostly annoyed by Satan's Little Helper. 

Next week: Hodge! And podge!

We're watching:

Terrified (Shudder)

The Visitor (Shudder)

Tales from the Hood 2 (Netflix)

Our short is A Father's Day. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon.

Also! Twin Cities Horror Festival is just around the corner! We'll be there with five hours of hand-picked short films, most of which you can't get online. Get tickets here.

Ep. 296: The Pearl of Irrelevancy

October 5, 2018

It's found footage time, and you know what that means: Shaky cameras, improbably-placed cameras, and people yelling at each other. Still, there are a few scares to be had in (the incredibly awkwardly-named) Hell House LLC 2: The Abbadon Hotel and Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum. Our third pick, Let Her Out, led to a split decision, with Charlie defending it despite its flaws, and Matt & Josh wishing we could Put Her Back.

This week: I don't know... could it be... SATAN?!? We're watching:

Satan's Slaves (Shudder)

The Blood on Satan's Claw (Prime)

Satan's Little Helper (Prime)

Our short is... this thing. Watch along and we'll chat atcha soon!