Ep. 250: The Wolf that Eats Like a Meal

October 5, 2017

It's a decade-spanning week of lowered expectations here at Horror Show Hot Dog. Gerald's Game is good -- but it's not the mind-blowing greatness we were expecting. The Wolfman is the shortest and least fleshed-out of the old Universal monster movies, but it's fun enough. Dead Awake is....pretty damn bad.

Next week: Late-Franchise Sequels, because we're masochists!

We're watching:

Cult of Chucky (Amazon)

Phantasm: Ravager (Shudder)

Rings (Redbox, Amazon)


Our short for next week is Black Goat. Watch along and we'll see you next time!


Oo, also, TWIN CITIES HORROR FESTIVAL! We're once again presenting five nights of horror short films, a different lineup each night. And there are 11 other amazing shows from far more talented people than we are. Get tickets now!


Ep. 249: Kabuki Hobos

September 28, 2017

It's a deeply mixed bag this week. One thing we can agree on: A Dark Song was a twisty, trippy, tense piece of work. Pet aspires to 70s level scuzziness, but ends up pretty dull, and It Comes at Night would have been better if, y'know, something actually came in the night.

Next week: Each one pick one! We're watching:

Gerald's Game (Josh's pick, Netflix)

The Wolfman (Matt's pick, Amazon)

Dead Awake (Charlie's pick, Netflix)


Our short is Zombie Musical, source material of the upcoming flick Anna and the Apocalypse. Watch along with us and we'll chat at you next week!


Ep. 248: Leads to Stabulation

September 21, 2017

It's a step-parent themed show this week! We explore demonic stepkids, murderous stepfathers, and alien stepmothers in three movies chosen by that one lady what hangs out with Charlie, Kristen Von Minden. There's good, there's bad, there's....Dan Akroyd's O-face.

Next week: Weird new stuff! We're watching:

It Comes at Night (Amazon, Redbox)

A Dark Song (Netflix)

Pet (Amazon)

Our short is Mimic. Watch along and we'll chat at you next week!


Ep. 247: Wolfing As Hard As He Can

September 14, 2017

Scary clowns and not-so-scary spiders this week as we review both Its: the 1990 miniseries and the movie that broke all the box office records last week. They're both great and flawed in their own ways, but both imminently worthy of your time. Listen in on the discussion, and we'll all float on, okay? All right, already! We'll all float on!

Next week: Kristen Von Minden (known consort of one Charlie in Austin, Tx) picks a step-theme:

The Stepfather (YouTube)

Little Evil (Netflix)

My Stepmother Is an Alien (Amazon)

Our short next week is Intruders. Watch along and we'll talk atcha next week!


Ep. 246: It Was a Detopication!

September 8, 2017

Demon fascinates us this week, even though some of us don't quite understand it. Death Note does . . . well, a lot of things, and Prom Night gives us disco fever!

Next week: It!

It (miniseries)

It (2017)

Next weeks short is Less Than Human


Ep. 245: Artisanal Mustache Farm

August 31, 2017

Folks, we watched some really damn good movies this week - and Slaughter High. But hey, even that one was fun, if not, y'know, any good. We were surprised by how damn great Ouija: Origin of Evil is, and we were all in for the 70s pseudoscientific psychosexual ghost story Legend of Hell House.

Next week: Theme-free for you and me! We're watching:

Demon  (Amazon Prime)

Death Note (Netflix)

Prom Night (Amazon Prime)

Our short for the week is One Please. Watch along with us and we'll chat next week!


Ep. 244: Bruce Is Not for You

August 23, 2017

It's a smorgasbord of horror shorts this week as we take on anthologies from three different decades and three different continents! We all enjoy the Burgess Meredith-led Torture Garden, have some big dumb fun with Deadtime Stories (featuring the greatest theme song ever written), but found Three...Extremes a little too lifeless for our tastes.

Next week: Each one pick one!

Josh picks Ouija: Origin of Evil (Amazon)

Matt picks Legend of Hell House (Netflix)

Charlie Picks Slaughter High (Amazon, Shudder)

Our short for the week is Run. Watch along with us and we'll chat atcha next time!


Ep. 243: You William Castled Yourself!

August 16, 2017

Josh's wife Jess picks the flicks this week, stacking the deck with some fantasy/horror and thriller/horror blends. But it turns out pretty damn special. We all love Black Swan, are all fair-to-middlin' on Tale of Tales, and Matt is deeply wrong about Stoker.

Next week: Anthologies! We're watching:

Deadtime Stories (Amazon Prime)

Three...Extremes (Shudder)

Torture Garden (Shudder) - note we said Dead of Night for the third slot, but turns out we've already done that one.

Our short is The Lullaby. Watch along with us and we'll chat atcha next week.


Ep. 242: Malcolm McDowell in the Middle

August 11, 2017

We did see Saw this week - In fact, we saw three Saws. That's the level of genius punning you'll get in this episode, along with some surprisingly in-depth commentary on what these movies mean and how they're put together. Plus, Matt and Charlie can't help foreshadowing the grief that lies ahead for Josh, who has yet to see Saw 4-7.

Next week: As penance for making her watch the Saw movies with him, Josh's wife Jess gets to pick the flicks this week. We're watching:

Stoker (Amazon rental)

Tale of Tales (Amazon rental)

Black Swan (Amazon rental)

Our short is First Like. Watch along with us and we'll chat atcha next week.


Ep. 241: Bob Farts a Polar Bear

August 2, 2017

The movies are weird this episode, but we're even weirder. Everyone's at the perfect level of tired where the conversation gets silly without bogging down. We all kinda dig Belko Experiment, are bemused and baffled by Cathy's Curse, and dig the 90'sness of Brainscan to varying degrees. Come for the reviews, stay for extended pun-offs about Canada and various other ridiculous tangents.

Next week: We're eating our vegetables!

We've been putting off reviewing the Saw franchise forever, mostly because Josh has never seen any of them and doesn't have much of a desire to. But! We are nothing if not committed to our craft, and they're too big a part of the horror landscape to ignore. Especially with the next one coming out this Halloween.

So this week we're doing:


Saw II


At least they're all free through Amazon Prime.

Our short is Steadfast Stanley. Watch 'em up and join us next week!